Friday, May 1, 2009

City Link Malaysia (HQ)


City-Link Malaysia (HEADQUARTERS)

Shah Alam

No. 3A, Jalan Akitek U1/22, Seksyen U1,
HICOM Glenmarie Industrial Park,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
03-5569 2188
03-5569 2116


  1. NOT delivery on time.

    1. Oh my my. I sent a package thru them.

  2. Extremely rude and loud staff named Subra from CityLink shouted at me just becos he wanted to deliver a package to a staff. On top of that this was not the 1st incident that I've encountered with him. Our dept very clearly stated only authorized personnel are allowed, yet he just walked him as if he's such a big shot and even dared to shout at me when I very politely asked him to wait outside and I'll get the staff to come out.

  3. SO bad service staff at reception city link puchong. Named Fina.. read comic and the same time serv customer. this is a good atitude.. To branch manager Ms Saniah. Pls tke note ur staff named fina very rude.. "kalau encik tidak suka..encik boleh ke cawangan lain"

  4. im gogi.. bekas staff dekat puchong branch.. i dah keje hampir 5 tahun.. i terpaksa berhenti kerja 24hour disebabkan Ms saniah yang kurang ajar kepada staff.. menggunakan perkataan yang kurang sopan terhadap staff.. "U ni tak reti buat keje ke" keje dh 5 tahun..tapi tak tau.. besok u letak surat resign atau akak berhentikan" So stupid.. i dah berhenti lame dh dekat situ. tapi baru i dapat check blog to comment this problem.. Just nak tau.. takde ke bos2 besar datang ke branch tengok ape masalah staff dan lain2.. masalah despact dekat puchong pun sama.. staff keluar masuk terlalu banyak disebabkan cara ms saniah yang kurang ajar kepada staff beliau.. saya sebagai customer the same time semua nk kenasaya buat.sedangkan staff yang lain just buat keje masing2.adakah saya staff india di situ di ketepikan sehingga nk dibuangkn kerja..

  5. aku pon x staff kat ct ling memang kurang aja....gaji kecik keje macam anjing barang nak cepat kuar kau engat paking kat kl nie senang dapat ker...saman kau nak bayar ker...

  6. citylink very very bad service. why still call couries service better change to fxxx slow service. others courier service only use 1 day to complete sending from the place only 1 1/2 hour drive to, but they need to use 2 days....

  7. fucking bad service..awaitng for 2 weeks but goods still no received!!

  8. I fully agreed with the above comments. I am sorry to use the vulgar word which I seldom use ie Fucking bad service. picked up on 11-1-2013 to be sent to Penang. Today ie Monday still have not delivered the mail. I checked up with the local agent in Melaka, the first answer was the agent in Penang received late so unable to deliver and this afternoon I called up the answer was "salah hantar tempat". What kind of service it is provided by so called world renounced City Link. My balls


    1. Poor customer service - always asking customer to call to all dept to check a status instead of through toll free line/customer service line. Talking in a RUDE manner especially other dept staffs
    2. Poor internal communication flow
    3. Delay shipment ALL the time
    4. Missing parcel but not reverting to customer on time what's going on or update status until customer call
    5. Bouncing the customer to all dept like a ball
    6. NEVER revert call to customer or reply email - ALWAYS customer to call back to check status
    7. Call TOLL FREE line and asked to call customer service instead of helping customer to transfer line till got scolded only react on it
    8. Complaint through customer service line - said they do not accept through phone calls to customer service lines. Where should i go to then? Ans: email....!!!!! Email through their website, no reply. Email to their email address, no reply still. Means, they don't accept customer feedback, they don't accept their fault or either they think they are the BEST!

    BEST OF THE WORST - never encounter any good experience with them before from opening accounts till 2nd shipment. AND YES, THAT'S IT! NO MORE CITYLINK!

  10. citylink very bad & slow service, even if you send a parcel in the same area eg Kota Bharu to be delivered also to Kota Bharu, it take 2 days to receive it. Rude staff, hang up the phone without giving the answer when asked. Never call back as promised.

  11. Friday, September 13, 2013 Time Location Shipment Collected 05:46 PM KUANTAN, MALAYSIA Shipment Bound for JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA 05:54 PM KUANTAN, MALAYSIA Saturday, September 14, 2013 Time Location Received by 01:11 AM SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA Depart to JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA 03:11 AM SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA Received by 08:39 AM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Time Location Depart to JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA 12:45 PM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA With Courier: JJYC0121/JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA 01:35 PM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA PREMISE CLOSED 07:39 PM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA Thursday, September 19, 2013 Time Location Depart to JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA 11:28 AM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA With Courier: JJYC0121/JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA 12:26 PM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA PREMISE CLOSED 08:39 PM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA Friday, September 20, 2013 Time Location Depart to JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA 12:18 PM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA With Courier: JJYC0121/JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA 01:10 PM JOHOR JAYA, MALAYSIA
    EM Nursery


    WTF???? 8 days and still in JB

  12. service very bad..slow sesgt..kata nak htr tp tak muncul2 pun..saya takkan gunakan service ni lagi..

  13. Service yg sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat TERUK! Saya phone office CITYLINK BUTTERWORTH tanya dari hari tu lg kata nak hantar esok..esok..ESOK...ESOK..ESOK.. Saya tunggu esok..punya lama ESOK... barang xsampai da 2 MINGGU PUNYA ESOK! NO MORE CITYLINK SERVICE..VERY SLOW & BAD SERVICE!

  14. Very poor service, they call me on Tuesday and told me my parcel will be sent to my house on Wednesday. I waited and waited no one turn up. They called me again on Wednesday evening and told me they will deliver on Thursday 1pm. Now is 2:40pm still no one turn up. Try calling them no one answer the calls. Still waiting not sure can receive the parcel today or not. It is a gift we order for my little girl.

  15. Hi, I received my parcel. Thanks.

  16. hi i still have not receive my parcel..........since 16/5/2014 that was 5 day ago & u call yourself CITY Link EXPRESS

  17. Just called 1300 hotline around 720-725pm @1 dec 2014. A female officer answered the phone.when I asked her a question,she placed me on hold.guess what? An automated machine announced that the hotline will be back to service by tomorrow.cant she tell me that herself. I thought of switching from poslaju today city link, but after this experience plus other bad review , I may think twice

  18. Currently I have sent one document from Penang to PJ. They took about 5 days to reach to my customer. No more express. I have called them up few times but the Shah Alam HQ customer service agents unable to help. They asked you to call PJ branch and PJ branch seems like very busy and no one pick up the call. Very bad service. They did not know what happen actually. BAD SERVICE.

  19. Don't ever use citylink.. very bad. Item dah sampai kota bharu 2 hari. still tak boleh deliver. Google for phone number, all are inactive.
    Still waiting..


  21. City link cawangan Masai,P.Gudang.Johor keluar makan terlalu lama.Ramai customer yg menunggu utk berurusan terpaksa pulang....harap ada improvement

  22. City link cawangan Masai,P.Gudang.Johor keluar makan terlalu lama.Ramai customer yg menunggu utk berurusan terpaksa pulang....harap ada improvement

  23. Staf yg bdoh dn kurg ajr. Staf india bhgian slngor. Pukimak. Bhse kurg ajr guna, mcm nie lyn custmer. Klau dpn ak, ak tumbuk dh

  24. Its really bad service ever!!!!
    I tunggu seminggu barang tu dekat ofis diorang tak hantar. Nak hantar tu punya banyak songeh susah cari alamat lah apa lah. Selama ni guna pos lain senang je masuk bahagian rumah saya. Menyampah betul.
    Dah pergi ofis tak nak tolong cari dan bagi barang kita, saya datang jauh jauh tau.
    Memang biadab.

  25. Citylink Terengganu lembap nak mampus


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